To make light tackle striper fishing more enjoyable and productive for all anglers.


A Striper Sniper must possess a certain level of training and skill in order to catch the challenging and ever-elusive striped bass. If you want to be successful on the battlefield of striped bass waters, you must be proficient in observation, surveillance, detection, and target acquisition in less than ideal conditions.

Don’t waste time searching for the right gear. From our Snake Worm which creates a natural swimming action that triggers reaction strikes, to our Kodiak Jig featuring an engineering swimming keel, we have everything you need to equip you for battle.

We’ve Reeled-In Another Great Testimonial…

As a Striper Sniper Pro-Staffer, I’m happy to show my customers how these 7” Striper Sniper worms are seducing, enticing and calling out for ALL KINDS of saltwater fish to eat them. These pictures say it all. With my professional reputation on the line, I can only use lures that work…and Striper Snipers WORK!

I predict that… more fish will be pictured with a Striper Sniper worm hanging from their mouths. More fishers will be smiling, too!

Capt. Chris

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